Proud Liberal Woman

Proud Liberal Woman

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


The disgust I feel this election year has brought me back from blogger retirement to get some things off my chest.

Can we all agree that we understand what has happened within the Republican party that has brought about the nomination of Donald Trump for President of the United States? It is beyond belief to me that this character was ever taken seriously as the potential leader of the free world, but people are actually going to cast their votes for him, and proudly. Scary.

Other than the fact that she's a woman, I really don't get what some people's problem is with Hillary. If you're buying into the garbage her political enemies have spoon fed you via Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, etc., shame on you for not giving her an honest look; do your own research to quell your doubts. One does not have to be a computer genius to use it to search for information. All the info you could ever want to know on any subject is yours for the taking via a few, simple keystrokes.

I happen to admire the hell out of Hillary Clinton because I've been watching her since she became our First Lady in 1992. She really caught my attention when she championed the issue of universal healthcare during her time in the White House. She wanted every citizen of this country to have access to healthcare....imagine that! The truth is, Hillary's been a fighter for the little guy from the beginning. After finishing law school, instead of accepting a position with a prestigious law firm, she went to work on behalf of children and families at the Children's Defense Fund. Her resume is impeccable; she is the most-qualified candidate to run for president in recent history. We should be celebrating such a worthy candidate, but all I see and hear is sneers and jeers for the lady. Pity.

With all I know and understand, I'm still stumped by the big question: why would any reasonable person support and vote for Donald Trump? I wonder why it isn't as clear to them as it is to me that he is the embodiment of all that is wrong with our government. The Donald Trumps of this country are grabbing all the power they can buy in Washington DC, leaving the rest of us in the dust. Representation for every citizen, as our founders intended, seems a thing of the past when we can entertain the possibility that a billionaire who has abused the system throughout his career, can become president.

Even if you've disconnected from all media outlets to the degree that I have, you've still undoubtedly had to endure hearing something more disgusting than the day before about this deplorable man, Trump. His arrogance, his bully tactics, his misogynistic behavior; it's all too much. Americans can't seriously want that man representing them as their president, right? Let's not risk that scenario becoming our reality.

And kids, Gary Johnson is an idiot. He never has, and never will have a snowball's chance in hell of becoming president. Please don't wast your precious vote on him when we have Hillary on the ballot. One of you is going to have to sit me down, and explain to me again what it is you young folks see in that goober.

PLS ~ Martha

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