Proud Liberal Woman

Proud Liberal Woman

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


You know how Texas is ranked 51st in voter turnout?  Of all our dismal rankings, this one is the worst.  I wonder how we ever hope to elect Wendy Davis our next governor, or any Dem to statewide office for that matter.  I have a thought.  What if we all dedicate ourselves to registering 100 voters in our neighborhood?  That number is a ballpark figure.  You may be able to register more than that or you may not reach that number.  I know that this is only part of the equation of having a successful election in November, but it is an important one.

The first step to reaching this goal is to become deputized to register voters.  The way to do that is to visit your county's elections office.  You will be asked to attend a short training class before you can become deputized.  Now, you're ready to start knocking on doors.  Once you have the completed voter registration forms in hand, and before you turn in those forms to the elections office within the allotted five days, make a list of the voters name, address and phone number if given.  During early voting in October, make calls to those newly-registered voters.  Give them the location of early voting, and ask them if they need a ride.  To those folks who didn't include their phone number, send them a postcard with the information regarding early voting.  Include your contact information if they have any questions.  At the end of early voting, make follow-up phone calls to see if your voter has cast a ballot.  If they have not, give them the location of their polling place, and urge them to vote on November 4.

This year, we have a unique opportunity to impact the election that we simply cannot miss.  I know we are all working hard, and we cannot let up until we have installed Wendy Davis, Leticia Van de Putte, and a host of other statewide Democratic candidates into office.  Yes, fellow Democrats, 2014 is our year, and Wendy and Leticia are our ticket to the kind of Texas we are hoping to have after a generation of solid Republican control. 

Let's do this!!

PLS ~ Martha

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