Proud Liberal Woman

Proud Liberal Woman

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Last week, I made a visit to a specialty shoe store on the square in Seguin.  I spent almost two hours going through each shoe to find the perfect-for-me summer sandal.  The young woman who had begun attending me had long since gone home for the day when I finally made my choice.  A woman more my age had taken over.  Like everyday, I was wearing my Wendy Davis button, and the woman commented, "by the way, I like your button."  Those moments when connections happen with like-minded folk are gratifying.  I asked her to describe to me how Guadalupe County felt about the slate of Democrats running for office to which she replied, "Oh, I don't know; Guadalupe County has always been Republican."  Talk about being instantly deflated.  It's like we've rolled over and died just because the GOP has been in control of the dialog for so long.  Have we forgotten our history as a Democratic state?  I told the nice saleswoman that describing any county as Republican is a misnomer, and that non-voting is the reason.  I assured her that there are Democrats in Guadalupe, and expressed my hope that they are working to get other Democrats registered and to the polls in November.

I like my Wendy Davis button, too; heck, I love Wendy Davis, and believe in her and Leticia with every fiber of my being.  But, what is that going to do to get them elected?  The defeatist attitude I heard again that day, is frightening and so discouraging.  Surely, we won't let get away this once-in-a-lifetime chance of returning our state government to the people...we just can't.  It's no secret that the state of the state is dysfunction.  Two long decades of conservative control, and our Texas is the laughing stock of the nation.  How much more are we going to take when the simple fix is voters casting ballots? 

The list is long of the wrongs that need to be made right in Texas.  Suffice it to know that the election this year is quite literally a matter of life or death to many of our fellow Texans.  Get deputized, register voters, get them to the polls.  Seven months....



  1. It is going to take getting folks to the polls! It is the stay at home voters what hurt us! And I don't mean we have to just keep repeating, Go Vote!" We have to tell them WHY they need to vote. We have to tell them what is in it for them. How the things that adversely affect them now may be able to be changed with different leadership. Until many of these voters see where they have a stake in the results of the elections, they are less inclined to go vote.

    Women's issues and immigration are big issues this November. The Latina vote is more important than it has ever been! This is one of our goals here in Victoria, to get out that Latina vote.

  2. Absolutely, EA. Phone bankers here in Caldwell have spoken to every Democratic primary voter in the county. Phone bankers across Texas are working hard on that important GOTV campaign. This weekend, canvassers are hitting the streets to tell the voters why Wendy should be our next governor. I was going to head to Hays County to join any one of the four happening there, but decided to stay here at home, and block walk for more VR. I am so excited about this year, and can barely wait until November.